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Essential Guidelines for Replacing Nipples on Air Conditioner Taps

Installation and Repair Advice
Nipples (Schrader valves) on air conditioner taps should be replaced in the following cases and at specific intervals:

1. During each maintenance service: Check and replace nipples during each scheduled maintenance to prevent refrigerant leaks caused by worn sealing elements.

2. In case of refrigerant leaks: If a refrigerant leak is detected, the nipple must be replaced, as leaks often occur through worn or damaged sealing elements.

3. After system repairs: After any repair work involving component replacement or system depressurization, replace the nipples to ensure a reliable seal.

4. If visibly damaged: Replace nipples if visible damage, such as cracks, corrosion, or deformation, is found, which can lead to leaks and reduced system efficiency.

5. Periodic replacement: Even without visible wear, replace nipples every 3-5 years due to the gradual degradation of materials from temperature fluctuations and exposure to refrigerant and oil chemicals.

Replacing nipples on air conditioner taps is essential for maintaining system tightness, ensuring efficient operation, and preventing refrigerant leaks that can reduce system performance and increase maintenance costs.